Social Environment

The Social Environment of any organization is heavily influenced by the levels of gratification experienced by individuals. People who are depressed at their jobs may still make an effort to reach others well, but frequently become sullen, uncooperative and counterproductive. When job dissatisfaction leads to poor interpersonal relationships, those relationships can then contribute to a poor working environment, creating a downhill spiral in the social environment. Cooperation in the job helps to create a supportive social environment. When people work together on projects rather than competing, they learn that their best interests are shared together, and that what benefits their co-employees also benefits them. Office politics are notorious for undermining a healthy social environment. Diplomatic issues can range from gender relations to religion to race to actual politics, such as co-workers who become excessively adamant about supporting different political parties. When conflict does erupt, it has a major effect on the social environment of an organization. Ongoing conflicts between one or more people can disrupt the work of everyone around them and lead to decreased productivity, lowered job satisfaction and damaged morale.